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The eBike Studio is based in Queenstown, New Zealand. We proudly stock Moustache bikes from Golbey, France, as well as Benno Bikes from sunny San Diego. Both of these high end brands use the highly acclaimed Bosch eBike systems.

Greetings! I’m Campbell Read, the co-founder of ChargeAbout NZ and the eBikeStudio.

In 2012 when the notion of eBikes was presented to me, alongside most avid cyclists I thought the idea was rather daft.

I have been biking my whole life, from doing a paper run as a kid in Tapanui, West Otago, to discovering mountain biking in the 80’s. I regarded the ‘push’ bike to be rather perfect, so why muck it up by lashing a motor to it!

Then in 2012 while working in Queenstown, I enjoyed riding daily on the new Queenstown Trail from Kelvin Heights to Arrowtown. Despite the stunning scenery I couldn’t believe how few cyclists were using the trails.

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