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Frankton Track & Kelvin Peninsula Trail

A flat and easy journey around the Peninsula


An easy half day ride, suitable for beginners and familes with wide sweeping trails. One of the less challenging components of the 4-day 'Great Ride', it still has plenty to offer when considering the views and locations.

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Trail Notes

You’ll be starting this ride in Queenstown which means you can start it with a coffee from one of the many local suppliers. There are also multiple options for refreshment stops along the way on this easy Grade 2 half day ride.

Begin at the Queenstown Gardens. Descend from the Kawarau Falls Bridge until you reach Kelvin Grove and the Queenstown Yacht Club. The Kelvin Heights Sculpture Trail (featuring some wonderful original sculptural artworks) loops around the golf course. As the trail nears Jardine Park, follow the signs via a short stretch of road, cycle along Grove Lane to Peninsula Road, turning right onto Poplar Drive for an easier route to Jardine Park and then retrace your steps.

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