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Missing Link - Upper

Get up there slow but get back down real quick.


CLOSED FOR WINTER - Just like Missing Link 'Lower' you have to climb, climb, climb to get there. In fact, it'll take you 5 times as long to get up to the starting point as it will to come down this single-track black diamond run but once you're coming down it? Oh yeah, it's worth all the effort.

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Trail Notes

This 1.2 km track takes around 25 – 30 minutes to reach. You’ll need to use the walking track and since you’ll be sharing it with walkers (sharing is caring!) we recommend that you push bike to give everyone room in the shared space. Dogs are also allowed so you need to watch for good boys too. This reaches 1272 meters elevation so weather (including snow) can be a concern. Keep an eye on the weather reports and check fist to ensure that the track is open to avoid disappointment.

This trail is reached via The Missing Link ‘Lower’ track and runs parallel to the Ben Lomond summit trail (hiking only – please do not mountain bike down the hiking trail).

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