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Queenstown - Sunshine Bay Track

Pedal along the waters edge.


This track rises and falls and there are a couple of steeper sections which is what renders it an advanced trail. This track is machine groomed however, making it easy to follow. It's also a multi-use and dual direction track so watch for walkers and dogs.

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Trail Notes

This trail follows the lake edge giving riders some marvellous lake scenery to appreciate as they cycle their way through the dips and rises of the Queenstown to Sunshine Bay Track. There are some fabulous photo opportunity spots to stop at as you weave your way along the path. Even though there are some steeper sections, there still less than 100m of elevation over all making it a good choice for those looking to increase their fitness and riding ability.

This trail is accessed off of Glenorchy Queenstown road near the roundabout which includes Lake Esplanade and Fernhill Road, with parking available in the One Mile Carpark for those who will be retracing their steps once they reach Sunshine Bay.

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