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Queenstown to Jack's Point

A nice easy ride for the first half and then a challenge to finish the day off.


This 26km trail will take cyclists between 4 – 6 hours so you can make a day of it. It’s a combination trail consisting of a Grade 2 first half, but the last half contains some challenges for more advanced riders. There are some tight turns, steep climbs and smooth descents but there’s also some incredible views as you hug the lake and some wonderful spots to stop and just enjoy the views or to have a picnic.

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Trail Notes

You can kick off this trail by enjoying a coffee from one of the local refreshment stops. This trail gives riders the chance to enjoy hidden coves, sweeping dramatic scenery and some marvellous local sculptural artworks. It’s a wonderful ride with fantastic wilderness and wildlife as well a ride that takes you through more populated areas where you can stop for lunch at a café should the fancy take you. If lunching in a café isn’t your thing, then you might consider picnicking amongst the wild tussocks and schist rockeries.

Begin at the Queenstown Gardens entrance then follow the signs to the historic Kawarau Falls Bridge. Ride on past The Hilton hugging the shores of Lake Wakatipu. Join the Kelvin Heights Sculpture Trail and make your way towards Jardine Park and the Jack’s Point Trail (or you can opt for the slightly more technical Kelvin Peninsula Lakeside Trail that is an Advanced / Grade 4 which and is signposted from the end of the Kelvin Heights Sculpture Trail.
You’ll need to arrange for transport for your return trip if you’re cycling one way.

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